Potter meets real world: moving pictures in print

We all know that there have been numerous attempts at a real life invisibility cloak in the Muggle world, but here's a new one: in the next issue of Entertainment Weekly, CBS will be publishing video ads within the printed magazine itself! Daily Prophet and/or moving portraits much? From the Financial Times:

The cost of the full-motion video ad was not disclosed, but it will be far more expensive than traditional print ads, according to executives familiar with the technology, developed by a US company called Americhip.

The willingness to spend on such a promotion highlights the radical means marketers are employing to reach consumers at a time when a growing number of people are using new technologies such as digital video recorders to avoid ads.

“It's part of the future – a way to engage consumers in new and surprising ways,” said George Schweitzer, president of CBS marketing group. “How do you sample a drink? You give them a taste.”

Unfortunately, the ads will only be issues delivered to New York and Los Angeles residents. If anyone can send in video of this impressive feat, please do send it in to us!