Tweets from Potter stars reveal Deathly Hallows updates

If you're a Potter fan and a Twitter user, chances are you follow Oliver Phelps and Warwick Davis and saw some Deathly Hallows-related updates they've made recently.

First, actor Warwick Davis (who has previously played Professor Flitwick) confirmed he will indeed play Griphook in Deathly Hallows. Although this has been hinted at for some time (set pictures like this one tend to confirm these kinds of things), it's the first time we've gotten direct word.

Second, Oliver Phelps updated his Twitter with word that he is the “first actor in the UK to have a VFX MOVA facial capture scan. Exciting technology.” We presume this is for special effects in Deathly Hallows as it's the only film he's working on right now.

Thanks to all you Twitter users who e-mailed with the tips!