Evanna Lynch talks perseverance

Evanna Lynch recently spoke with EvannaLynchFans.com about what she's been up to lately. The Luna Lovegood actress also offered some encouragement to people reaching for their goals:

I'm sure many of you have or have had the same dream and have encountered all the apparent obstacles. People like to hype it up and make is sound impossible, unattainable, too good for you… Just the other day I was trying to clean out my desk (anything other than study exactly!) and I came across the letter that I received from the HP casting dept. It was a reply to a tape I sent long before the open audition, long before the release of Goblet of Fire even, on my own initiative. They did reply and kindly told me that there were no openings on the film at the minute and that also nationality played a big role in casting. Plainly put, it looked like the cards were against me and I'm sure I felt that way at the time.

I'm not saying this to big myself up ('cause I know they use this on press releases etc. etc.), I mean to remind you how fine the line is between reaching a goal and not. I wasn't an actress with connections or anything particularly distinguishing. This is why I hate the probability chapter in my maths book. Manifestation doesn't take into account how many chances you have. If it happens it happens and it didn't matter what anyone else told you. Sorry to annoy any mathematicians out there but I don't believe in probability! So strip away all the hype, because anything anyone tells you is just…chat, and it's really up to you and you'll get nowhere if you don't at least believe you deserve everything you dream about.