MuggleCast #182: Tweets to Micah

The latest episode of our Harry Potter podcast has arrived, and with it is the triumphant return of Chapter by Chapter! Its been two years since we wrapped up our Sorcerer's Stone Chapter by Chapter series, and now it's back in a new format for Chamber of Secrets. Plus:

– JK Rowling creates a Twitter and hints at a writing project.
– Will she use the Twitter account often? And what is she writing?
– We predict when the Encyclopedia will be released (if that is what she's writing).
– We start with Chapters 1 – 3 from Chamber of Secrets.
– Does Dobby know about the Horcruxes from this early point?
– Andrew points out an example of Jo forwarding a death in Deathly Hallows.
– Quote Quiz and Make the Music Connection return.

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