Radcliffe, Yates particpating in Blu-Ray HBP screening

Over the past few weeks we've reported on several cool Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD/Blu-Ray features, and another one specifically for Blu-Ray has just been announced today.

David Yates and Dan Radcliffe will participate in a community screening of Half-Blood Prince on December 12th starting at 3 PM EST. Fans who have a copy of the film on Blu-Ray and are registered in the BD Live community will be invited to participate. Comments from David and Dan via VideoBusiness:

“I'm really looking forward to the live community screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and excited to talk directly to fans of the movie about my experiences and answer their questions,” said Radcliffe. “It's a wonderful way for fans and for those directly involved with making a film to share opinions and ideas.”

Yates added, “I'm looking forward to engaging with the thoughts and opinions of the fans who have supported us so loyally and passionately over the years-without them the films wouldn't be the success they are.”