Felton talks Deathly Hallows at Memorabilia convention

Potter actors Tom Felton and Warwick Davis were both in attendance at a Memorabilia fan convention in Birmingham over the weekend. Both spoke to fans about Potter, and Tom had some interesting things to say about his work with Deathly Hallows. From The Telegraph:

Felton said: “We've just finished doing the most substantial bits of filming.

“I think we're revelling in the fact that this is it- the last one. I get quite emotional just thinking about it.”

“I'm not looking forward to not being blonde anymore. I've forgotten what my real hair colour is.”

A report on Snitch Seeker from a fan who attended the convention also reveals that Tom touched on filming the Epilogue:

Tom was asked if he was to be used in the epilogue and as yet doesn't know but he told us that a mould of his face and the others was made last year and he was asked to provide photos of his brothers & father and remarked he couldn't wait to see himself wrinkly.