Chris Columbus talks about casting Rupert and Emma

Last night we told you a new clip from the Sorcerer's Stone Ultimate Edition DVD aired on ABC Family during their presentation of Sorcerer's Stone. The clip is now online!

The clip shows Sorcerer's Stone/Chamber of Secrets director Chris Columbus talking about the reasons why they cast Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. It also includes original screen test footage and a clip of Emma talking about the casting process.

At the end, we see a cute family shot of the Weasley family!

See it at this link. Thanks to Michael for sending it in!

REMEMBER: Chamber of Secrets airs today from 4 to 8 PM ET/PT, then Prisoner of Azkaban airs from 8 to 11 ET/PT. Both are on ABC Family. If anyone catches new Half-Blood Prince or Ultimate Edition DVD features airing during the commercials, please e-mail descriptions and/or video to tips at staff dot mugglenet dot com!