MuggleCast #187: Magic is Muscle – plus live show announcement!

The latest episode of our Harry Potter podcast has now arrived! It's jam packed with news, our penultimate Chapter by Chapter segment for Chamber of Secrets, and an upcoming live show announcement!

– News: Potter top Twitter trend, HBP screening, DH filming update and more.
– Laura and Mikey give their thoughts on the DH trailer.
– Is there a secret to each Chapter 13 in the Potter series?
– Does Harry have a Horcrux moment when he first encounters Riddle's diary?
– Did Dumbledore sense the presence of a deathly hallow in Hagrid's hut?
– And did the governors really believe Hogwarts would be safer without Dumbledore?
– Ford Anglia to the rescue! Did it grow a mind of its own?

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Live Show Announcement: Please join us on Ustream for a LIVE recording of MuggleCast #188 on Tuesday, December 29th at 8 PM ET! We'll be hosting a Year in Review show where listeners decide the top stories of the year in various Potter-related categories. Full details are explained during #187 and more details will come on MuggleNet later this week.