The Minister speaks: Bill Nighy discusses role as Scrimgeour

In a new interview, actor Bill Nighy, who will play Minister for Magic Rufus Scrimgeour in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows talks about his role in the two-part finale.

“Scrimgeour is a tragic figure. He knows what's coming. It's a very moving thing to play.”

“He's also very powerful and has had a very complicated progress to the top. And he has an interesting relationship with Harry, who views him initially with contempt. But then it's softened by subsequent events.”

“There's a scene where he delivers Dumbledore's legacy to the three children. He gives them all the things Dumbledore has left them, and that's when it's indicated he may not be around for much longer.”

Thanks to Snitch Seeker for the tip!