BBC Radio 2 airing interviews with David Heyman, Stuart Craig, Nick Dudman

We're listening to BBC Radio 2's interview as it is broadcasted live (we reported the interview's airing yesterday). Below are our notes from the interview.

– (10:51 PM GMT) Stuart Craig says if part of the deal at the beginning was to work on this for 10 years, he would have said no. To his great surprise, he's here 10 years later having enjoyed all of it.
– (10:53 PM GMT) Nick Dudman: JK Rowling took the fantasy genre and made it acceptable to everyone. The amount of fantasy is vast compared to the size before Potter. The box office numbers tell you the vast number of people love these movies.
– (10:55 PM GMT) David Heyman: When Jo Rowling wrote the first book, she knew what the end was. It was amazing when I first met her that she had charted everything out.
– (11:00 PM GMT) David Heyman says the themes in the books and films are universally relatable – that is what is at the heart of Jo's stories.
– (11:00 PM GMT) David says he's primarily interested in making the best adaptation of Jo's book. Each time we tell the story in the best way we can. That's the key and that's the foundation, because if we make a bad film it's all meaningless.