French publication One Magazine interviews trio on Deathly Hallows set

There are some new interview bits online this morning thanks to Potter fansite

While the translation is very rough, we learn about challenges and scenes that Dan, Emma, and Rupert have recently shot:

Emma Watson
To kiss Rupert in front of cameras will stay the strangest experience for me, since I've played in Harry Potter. Him and I was frightened about this scene, and would like to do it quickly. But the hardest is coming … I have to kiss Dan ! It's a scene where Ron imagine a kiss between Harry and Hermione.”

“We haven't filmed the epilogue yet, in which we can see the future of Harry, Ron and Hermione 19 years later. At the beginning, producers would like to replace us, but they finally kept us. We will look like 40 years old persons. I'm very impatient to see that !”

Daniel Radcliffe
“In the Deathly Hallows, you'll see Harry as you never saw him before ! For example, I shot a scene where i'm entirely naked. When I read the script, I thought that I would carry underwears but no ! I've already done it for Equus so it wasn't so difficult. I'm wondering how people will react, even if any things will be hidden in the screen !”