Helena Bonham Carter talks more Deathly Hallows: “I do get a good death scene”

Potter fans continue to be benefiting from Helena Bonham Carter's press run for Alice in Wonderland. Earlier this week we showed you two interviews where Helena spoke about playing Hermione, the Deathly Hallows split, and her character in the final film as a whole.

Today, we get more juicy details from the actress who plays Bellatrix. This new interview comes from Rotten Tomatoes, who spoke with Helena today. In it, she discusses filming her final scene – which happened to be the one where she dies:

“I'm mostly in [Deathly Hallows: Part 2],” she told RT. “But it was fun. I died on my last day, which was really weird — to actually be [killed] on my last day. Molly Weasley – Julie Walters – kills me.”

And it'll be quite the moment, she explained. “I do get a good death scene,” she told us. “It was really exhausting. As usual! [I'm] duelling, with a wand, on a table. I fell right off. I was clever enough to say, 'If you're going to ask me to duel, backwards, can we put a stuntman at the end?' They said, 'Ah, you won't need one.' And what did I do? Walked straight off.

“You'd think with 70 people looking at you, one of them would go, 'Er, could you stop?!' No! They loved it. I nearly killed myself — on the day that I died.”

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