Site Updates: 2.0 news, Deathly Hallows Facebook event, firm MuggleCast release schedule

Lots of things are cookin' in the MuggleNet oven, and tonight we wanted to updated you on a few of them!

– First, MuggleNet 2.0 is steadily moving towards completion. Our coders are feverishly working on the redesign and all of its new features. Today we can announce that MuggleNet 2.0 will be live in just under 4 weeks from now!

– Second, a couple months ago we created this Deathly Hallows, Part 1 event on Facebook to organize a mass group of Potter fans who are excited for the film. If you use Facebook, please click here and then RSVP! Be sure to invite your friends as well! By RSVPing, we'll keep you on top of the latest Deathly Hallows pictures, videos, trailers, and more.

– Finally, we're happy to announce a more solid release schedule for MuggleCast, our Harry Potter podcast. Over the past 2 years, MuggleCast has had a steady stream of new episodes but no steady release schedule. You can now count on episodes to be released every 2 weeks (and no later). We know you love knowing when the next one is due. On the next episode we'll let you know what day of the week you can count on the episodes being released.

Stay tuned for more updates – particularly about MuggleNet 2.0 – in a couple weeks!