[Update: False] Dan Radcliffe to star in upcoming Nicholas Sparks film The Lucky One?

UPDATE: Killer Films got in touch with SlashFilm, who originally reported this story, and revealed that the woman who tweet'd the information is not producing the film. Therefore, this rumor is false.

Does Dan Radcliffe have his first post-Potter film all set?

The producer of the upcoming film 'The Lucky One', based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, tweeted yesterday…

Heading to Doug McGrath's script reading, starring Daniel Radcliffe

And then later…

Daniel Radcliffe and Lily Rabe were AMAZING together!

As Slashfilm points out, filming for 'The Lucky One' is set to begin in May. That's right around the time Deathly Hallows is expected to finish filming (we've heard filming should go well into June).

You can read about the book over on Amazon. As always, we'll keep you updated!