Felton discusses Deathly Hallows split, Epilogue aging process

Speaking at the UK premiere for Remember Me, Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Potter films, talked about Deathly Hallows and revealed for the first time how they will be aging the characters for the epilogue.

“There's a lovely moment at the end of the film where we're all 35 years old, Dan and I are very excited to see each other as old men!”

“They're doing it with prosthetics, with me at least. No digital enhancements, it's all real stuff. I'm hoping it's going to be flattering, we'll see!”

He also mentioned the benefit of splitting the book into two films saying, “One of the great things about the last one is that we've managed to split it into two films. We have all the freedom to stick to the books exactly and revel in them and enjoy every page.”

The video footage can be seen here courtesy of Digital Spy.