Matt Lewis to attend film festival with Chris Rankin

As we told you on Monday, Chris Rankin will be attending the upcoming annual Young Peoples Film Festival on April 5th. Now, we know that Matthew Lewis will be joining Chris for the event. This is the 7th Annual Festival taking place currently in Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds, UK.

On Monday, the Festival will show a marathon of the first four Harry potter movies and host a Best Wizard Costume contest. The festival is designed to feature filmmaking, animation, film journalism, editing workshops, and masterclasses where film industry professionals talk about their work.

Ticket Prices are as follows:

Harry Potter All Day Pass:
* GBP 8.00 each under 19
* GBP 10.00 each over 19

Harry Potter Individual Films:
* GBP 2.50 each under 19
* GBP 3.50 each over 19 accompanying a young person
* GBP 4.50 each over 19 not accompanying a young person

Thanks to Magical Menagerie for the tip.