April Birthday Reminders

We would like to extend a very Happy Birthday wish to the actors/actresses/characters and MuggleNet Staff members that make Harry Potter and MuggleNet so successful today.

1st – Fred and George Weasley
3rd – Timothy Bateson – Voice of Kreacher (OOTP)
14th – Julie Christie – Madam Rosmerta
14th – Stuart Craig – Production Designer
15th – Emma Watson – Hermione Granger
15th – Emma Thompson – Professor Sybil Trelawney
17th – David Bradley – Argus Filch
18th – David Tennant – Barty Crouch Jr.
20th – Leslie Phillips – Voice of the Sorting Hat
21st – Frank Dillane – Teenage Tom Riddle (HBP)
23rd – Eric Scull – MuggleNet /MuggleCast Staff
27th – Suzie Toase – Alecto Carrow

May all your birthday wishes come true.