MuggleCast #195: The Betting Man Returns

If there's anything we've posted today that is 100% real, it's this new episode of MuggleCast – our Harry Potter podcast! Join Eric, Micah and I for another lengthy and entertaining show where we catch up on the latest Harry Potter news stories, continue our Chapter by Chapter series, and much more:

– Andrew visited the Deathly Hallows set but can't say much at all (for now).
– Deathly Hallows footage screened at ShoWest – why they showed it to them and not us (the fans).
– Why on earth is Bloomsbury re-releasing the Potter books this soon?
– Chapter by Chapter covers Chapters 13 – 15 of Prisoner of Azkaban.
– Our first look at the love between Harry and Cho.
– Why does Ron refuse to let go of his grudge against Hermione?
– We analyze Sirius' actions in this latest attack.
– Hermione's anger towards Trelawney and vise versa – is it all justified?
– Eric makes a new friends and tries to taking it to the next level.
– Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul.
– We'll be hosting a live podcast and more at Infinitus 2010.
– Andrew talks about MuggleCast's new regular release schedule.
– This week's episode of MuggleCast is sponsored by!

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