Scholastic Announces US “Harry Potter” Books to Be Republished with New Covers

When Bloomsbury announced last week that they are re-releasing the Harry Potter books in the UK with new covers to reach out to new generations, we were left scratching our heads. Why release the books with covers that don’t appeal to today’s children?

Lo and behold, today we learn that Scholastic is doing the same thing – but they’re taking an approach we would have. The books will be retitled and sport new covers that will “appeal to today’s Facebook generation of kids”.

They’ve passed along final drafts of each cover to be exclusively revealed here on MuggleNet. Along with each cover is an explanation from Scholastic:

Harry Potter and the Super Cool Stone: “Kids like things that are flashy. When they hear ‘super’ and ‘cool’, they know it’s going to be something they want.”

Harry Potter and the Super SUPER Secret: “Kids love learning and sharing secrets. When they hear about a ‘super SUPER’ secret, they REALLY want to know about it!”

Harry Potter and A Bad Guy Who’s Actually Okay: “Research showed that when children read the ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ title, they got a bit scared. By letting them know he turns out good, children will be more intrigued to pick it up. They’ll ask, ‘HOW does he turn good?! Omg!'”

Harry Potter and FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!: “Kids loves screaming. Kids love fire. This title needs no explanation.”