MuggleCast #198: Brick by Brick – now available!

The latest episode of our Harry Potter podcast is now available! Join Eric, Micah, Matt and me for our final Chapter by Chapter segment for Prisoner of Azkaban, discussion of the latest news, and more:

– Micah tells us all about his experience playing the new LEGO Harry Potter video game.
– We realize he was just at the LEGO sponsored bar the entire time.
– This week we host our final Chapter by Chapter segment for Prisoner of Azkaban!
– Why does Harry get so excited by Sirius’ offer when he hardly knows the man?
– Why do Harry and Hermione leave Ron behind when a werewolf is on the loose?
– Why does the time turner transport Harry and Hermione to the Hogwarts main entrance?
– In the final chapter, this is the first time we hear of Trelawney correctly making a prediction once before. Why doesn’t Harry ask about the prediction?
– Hermione finally admits she can’t handle all of her school work! Hurrah!

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