Tom Felton on Deathly Hallows epilogue filming: “I’m tweetless”

As we’ve been reporting all week, the cast of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows are filming the Epilogue scenes at Kings Cross and have two weeks of shooting left.

We’ve all been wondering what the feeling is like on location, and stars Matt Lewis and Tom Felton have shed some light on that question. They were seen talking on Twitter earlier today:

Matt: So I rock up to Kings Cross. Been on the train a while. Rather tired. And some people are blocking the place up shooting a stupid movie.

Tom (replying to Matt): I got blocked by the same people! Such a nuisance! Sick of these little indie films jamming up London! Get a studio : ) x

Matt (replying to Tom): Haha, it’s an outrage! Out of curiousity since I’ve now left King’s Cross, how’s it all gone? I heard it was…emotional!

Tom (replying to Matt): I’m tearing up as we tweet. It was special mate, What can I say……I’m tweetless x

We THINK Tom is being serious. It must be an emotional time on set considering they have two weeks of filming left!