Child Refugee from war-torn Sierra Leone lands role in Deathly Hallows

Today we have a great personal story to share with our readers.  Margotu Morgai, 19, was a child spending her first few years witnessing soldiers maime and murder fellow refugees from Sierra Leone. Today, she lives in London and is playing the role of a Hufflepuff student in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows alongside star Dan Radcliffe.

“A soldier came into my house and looked straight at me – and then simply carried on walking.  I’ll never forget the way he looked straight at me. Yet the other day I was just eating my lunch and got chatting to Daniel Radcliffe. It was only for a few minutes but he was really nice.”

Margotu fled with her mom from Sierra Leone in 1997 when the war died down and moved to Britain to be raised by her aunt and uncle. And last year, she was a finalist in the Miss Black Britain contest.

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