Hi-Res stills from MTV Movie Awards Deathly Hallows preview

As a follow-up to the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 preview that first aired last night during the MTV Movie Awards, we now have quite a few high res stills for your viewing pleasure:

– Voldemort in woods

– Harry releasing Hedwig at Privet Drive

– Harry casts spell during cafe battle

– Death Eater

– Dobby’s grave at Shell Cottage

– Harry at Shell Cottage

– Ron and Hermione at Shell Cottage

– Harry looking shocked (Possibly looking at Locket Horcrux)

– Harry arguing with Ron in tent

– Ron screaming at Harry

– Harry attacks Ron in tent

– Harry and Ginny Kiss

– Hogwarts with Protego Horribilis protection under attack

– Gringott’s Dragon

– Ron destroying locket Horcrux