Tom Felton confirms girlfriend cast in Deathly Hallows

Tom Felton – the 2010 MTV Movie Awards winner for Best Villain – has confirmed that his girlfriend Jade Olivia will play Draco Malfoy’s wife in Deathly Hallows Pt. 2.

“The producers actually came to me about six months ago and asked me, and I was like, OK, I’ll ask her. She was slightly reluctant but I pulled her arm and twisted it and then she was filming with me for three days at King’s Cross,” he said.

He joked that their relationship, which has been going on for the past two years, moved very fast in those three days. “We had a kid together, it was all very rush rush. So yeah, we were married for three days. It was very fun,” he joked. “It gave me a chance to see what she would look going to look like in 19 years and, if that’s what she’s going to look like, I’m doing pretty well for myself.”

You may recall that Malfoy and his wife Astoria are seen with Scorpious in the epilogue.