USA Today posts photos from Deathly Hallows trailer, includes new details (updated)

UPDATE: The Daily Mail has released this close-up of Harry during his battle with Voldemort.

USA Today is the latest newspaper to post photos from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer set to be released today, June 28th:

Hermione caught red-handed
Ron with a sword
Harry on the ground
The dragon destroys Gringotts
Hogwarts gets protection
Voldemort and Harry duel in the courtyard
Harry and Hagrid ride the motorbike
Voldemort, Bellatrix and Death Eaters

Their preview also includes small descriptions of a few photos as well as pieces of a new David Heyman interview.

The new movie focuses heavily on Harry’s tangles with the evil Lord Voldemort. “Harry and Voldemort go wand to wand in the courtyard,” says longtime producer David Heyman.

In one scene, Voldemort grabs Harry’s face and malevolently hisses “Why do you live?” And brave Harry responds, “Because I have something to live for.”

These last two films will be the first to be shown in IMAX 3-D.

“The technology has developed and offers great possibilities,” Heyman says. “We won’t be going for that ‘wow, things always jumping out at you’ effect. I think the best 3-D doesn’t have to be aggressive. We’ll be pushing back from the screen. We’re going for an organic, truthful 3-D.”

Don’t forget that the trailer will be released today, June 28th at 7 PM ET!  We will have the trailer online the moment its made available to us.  We will also be hosting a live MuggleCast at 9 PM ET to discuss all the new scenes with you!