Deathly Hallows, Part 1 Review #2: ‘This IS the movie we have been waiting for’

Earlier today, Warner Brothers test screened Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 in front of an unsuspecting Chicago audience.  Shortly after the film finished, we spoke with our own Emerson and Eric who were both lucky enough to see the film.  Listen to our interview with them at this link.

We now have a second review online – this one is from MuggleNet reader Kyle.  In it, he discusses the real emotion you see through the acting of all the stars.  Spoiler warning.  

First off, this is the most perfect Harry Potter film ever. The movie on a whole is amazing and dark. Everyone was on top of their game. Everything was perfect. Dobby’s death was done perfectly. You could see the emotion in Harry and the gang. We saw green screens of course (because the film’s digital effects were not yet complete), but it didn’t affect me at all. The audience LOVED Dobby. Everyone was clapping when we saw him.

The Ron and Harry fight was so well done. The score sadly was not real – that’s the only thing I hated really. Voldemort was in the movie a LOT, but I didn’t care – that’s what made it so real for me. Him and Snape on screen together was amazing. This IS the movie we have been waiting for.

The Seven Potters scene was so well done. The part I loved the most was the Ministry of Magic scenes. This film will get a hard PG13 rating by far. The Horcrux scene was so well done. All the performances were so well done. I can’t wait to see Part Two. Everyone put their heart into this. There is one scene I particularly liked when Harry tried to cheer Hermione up. So cute.

One last thing: The wedding was so great. Kingsley’s message was so dark and powerful that you knew things were about to go down.

We have one more review coming from another fan in a little bit!