Deathly Hallows Review #5: A lengthy review and run down

We have a fifth review online now from Emerson’s friend who writes a blog called YuraGamer.  He was one of those who saw Deathly Hallows, Part 1 yesterday in Chicago.

This is the longest and most detailed review we have!  He runs through the entire film, scene by scene and provides good analysis.  Enjoy! Spoiler Warning.

The movie opens with an extreme closeup of Rufus Scrimgeour’s (minister of Magic) as he’s giving a very haunting press conference about all the dangers and horror going around in the wizarding world. The scene zooms out as it turns into a picture in a newspaper. We see the Dursleys packing up, leaving Harry behind, and their house in Pivot Drive completely empty. There’s another scene that starts out with Hermione looking worried in her bedroom. The filmmakers then decided to show Hermione hexing her parents to forget their current lives and move to Australia. After she does this, she also makes all images of her disappear from the pictures in their house. This scene was very well done and was one of my favorites in the whole movie. It was very effective because it quietly communicated the dread wizards were feeling due to Voldemort. There’s a shot in the trailer of Hermione walking towards what looks like a church. She’s not really heading there. It’s just part of a shot of her walking down her street, as the camera pans up to reveal the titles.

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