Gemma Jones talks final battle scene in new interview

Gemma Jones, the actress who plays Madame Pomfrey, in the Potter films recently conducted an interview where she discussed her part in the epic final battle.

“I did have to do a lot of fighting with my wand. At my age and station it was a very good workout. I’m fighting the Death Eaters with my wand so I had a good time.”

This adds to what we’ve already heard concerning the detailed nature of the final battle scene. Jones also discussed what it was like for the films to come to an end:

“Well, I talked to Emma and Daniel on this last film because I was kind of maternally concerned for them because it’s such a huge experience and going to come to an end. I wasn’t there on the last day of the last shot but I think they were finding it very hard to take in that it was coming to an end. I hope they’ll be okay.”