Scans from Empire Deathly Hallows set report now online, including new photos

Thanks to MuggleNet reader Sarah for passing along scans of Empire Online’s Deathly Hallows, Part 1 set report found in their latest issue.

The report mainly focuses on interviews with Dan, Rupert and Emma as they discuss the challenges of filming scenes for Deathly Hallows. Emma also talks about life at Brown University.

Included are a few new stills including a shot of Harry looking at the two-way mirror, the trio in a trailer park, and three portraits of each road-tripping trio member.

Page 1 (start of article)
Page 2 (large portrait of Harry)
Page 3 (article and still of Harry in the dark)
Page 4 (large portrait of Ron)
Page 5 (large portrait of Hermione)
Page 6 (article and still of trio in trailer park)
Page 7 (end of article and still of Harry looking at two-way mirror)