Several new photos: First look at Seven Potters scene, Molly and Hermione learn Ministry has fallen, more

As the release of the trailer draws nearer, more photos are beginning to emerge online, including our first look at the Seven Potters scene.

You can see Harry transformed into all 6 other characters, as well as Arthur, Remus and Hagrid in the background.

The second photo is of Molly and Hermione at the wedding, looking a bit unnerved. Perhaps the Ministry has fallen?

A few more new photos can be seen below:

Voldemort stares at Dumbledore in his grave

Ron hides in a barn

Snape casts a spell

Harry performs a patronus charm at the Ministry

Dobby at the Malfoys’ home


Trio enter Grimmauld Place

Voldemort speaks with Snape

Harry and Hermione at the Potters’ grave (wide shot)

See even MORE photos from the trailer released last night at this link!  Thanks to Clare for the tip!