Fan Art of the Week: ‘The Battle of Hogwarts’

This week’s Fan Art picture comes from KT Pearl, and is titled, “The Battle of Hogwarts”. This drawing was inspired by the promo image that showed the destroyed magical school. ‘I used acrylic paints and two different types of impasto (a sort of gelly-stuff used to make textures in paintings): ‘Lava Rocks’ on the mountainside and ‘Gel Medium’ on the water.’

Noah’s Notes: The quality that makes this painting extraordinary is the visible texture. The rocky cliff looks wet where it touches the water, and the water looks real due to its waves that depict a constant motion. Notice how the artist colored the ocean: starting on the left, bright tones were used to reflect the glow from the castle-fires, and moving right, used darker blues to bring out the choppy waves. I love how the fire and the smoke are blending with the sky–you really made this tremendously sad scene beautiful.

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