Video: J.K. Rowling Receives Hans Christian Andersen Award, Speaks About the Impact of Children’s Books

Today, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was in Odense, Denmark, to accept the Hans Christian Andersen Award. A video of her acceptance can be seen at this link.

In her speech, Jo talks about children’s books and their influence on people of all ages:

Any book that is written down to children or with one nervous sideways eye on the author’s fellow adults or with the belief that this is the kind of thing they like, cannot work and will not last. Children are not ‘they.’ They are us. And this is why writing that succeeds with children often succeeds just as well with adults – not because the latter are infantile or regressive, but because the true dilemmas of childhood are the dilemmas of the whole of life: those of belonging and betrayal, the power of the group and the courage it takes to be an individual, of love and loss, and learning what is it to be a human being, let alone a good, brave, or honest one.

Congratulations on receiving the award, Jo!