Harry Potter’s strength shows us how to stay strong and create a better world

We’ve added a touch of purple to the site today to recognize a grassroots movement powered by people who want to raise awareness about the need for equality.

Recent suicides in the LGBT community have brought attention to a major issue: bullying on the internet and in real life.  Ignorant and immature acts by bullies have led victims to consider whether their lives are worth living.

One reason the Harry Potter community is so special is because it’s accepting of everyone.  My experience – which many can attest to – is when you meet someone who also enjoys Harry Potter, you have made a friend.  You will bond over your mutual admiration of the characters, the story, and JK Rowling’s strong message of love.

I was a victim of relentless bullying in middle school and part of high school.  Thanks to the wonderful community of Harry Potter fans on the internet, I knew one day I’d be able to be surrounded by great people like those I became friends with online.

To anyone who is bullied, we at MuggleNet have this message for you: You are not alone in this world because this community is here for you.  We all share a love for the Harry Potter series, and therefore we are all friends.

To everyone: In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when Harry faced Voldemort, love ultimately prevailed.  Bring out Harry’s strength in you.  Show the world that equality and love for all must win.