The Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex blog launches countdown to Deathly Hallows

As they did for Half-Blood Prince last Summer, The Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex blog is promising a new Potter-related story with exclusive content every day between now and the release of Deathly Hallows, Part 1.

Their first article is an interview with Costume Designer Jany Temime, who talks about her work on the franchise:

“It’s a world parallel to us, it’s a secret society living next to the other world, our world. They have their way and their own culture but they cannot ignore the real world, they are next to it always. They constantly have access to it. So I looked at extreme cultures, or the fringe or the outsiders. Any parallel society, like the gypsies or political groups on the edge. They have their own way of doing things but they also live in 2010 and they cannot ignore what they see. So they have their pointed hats and their long robes and they have their couture, but they also have blue jeans. They have their traditions but they cannot ignore the modern world.”