“Top Chef” Contestant Brews “Potter” Delectables

On tour for his upcoming show, Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen, Top Chef‘s Season 2 runner-up, Marcel Vigneron, recently visited Universal Orlando Resort in Florida and concocted several Potter-themed goodies using his trademark bizarre techniques, such as liquid nitrogen. What’s more? Mr. Vigneron confesses to using MuggleNet (this very site) for his research and inspiration!

Served in a Chinese spoon, the butterbeer spheres are made with cream soda and a reaction between two chemicals. But first, Vigneron uses maltodextrin, which turns fat into powder, on some browned butter to make a nutty brown butter powder, which then gets a few drops of butterscotch flavoring. The spheres — which are still liquid in the center, but held by a gossamer membrane that bursts upon eating — are placed alongside the butter powder.

Our Rosmerta’s Recipes section boasts over 15 excellent Potter treats, with more being added frequently. Read the full story from Zap2it. Additionally, you may want to check out our exclusive interview with Dinah Bucholz, author of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. MuggleNet currently has a contest in the works to win autographed copies of this delicious book.

Thanks to MuggleNet reader Hilary K. for pointing this out!

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