Phelps twins talk ear loss, death scene in new interview

HeroComplex recently held a new interview with James and Oliver Phelps to discuss filming the finale of the Potter series. James always wanted to do a death scene and Oliver couldn’t wait to do the gory scene of losing an ear.

Oliver notes what it was like to film the death of Fred in the final battle:

‘I had to get myself into that mindset of what it would be like and try to make it feel as real as possible, there’s a scene where he’s laid out in the Great Hall, and to look at that, that was really surreal, actually, because they pale him up and everything. For me, it was really quite an odd scene to film, especially because I was suppose to be crying my eyes out, and to do it with the whole Great Hall full of people, as well. It was a different day of filming from anything we’d done before.’

James also notes of filming the seven Harry scene that they are not the normal pranksters in this finale to the Potter series:

‘That kind of shows that they’re kind of growing up, and they’re men as well, so although they like to joke, it shows the adult and serious side of Fred and George. Obviously, they’re ready to fight, and that isn’t really a laughing matter.’

Are you gearing up for the release in 7 short days?