The LA Times wonders whether Warner Brothers will push Deathly Hallows for Oscar consideration

With the franchise set to wrap in July, The Los Angeles Times is questioning what Warner Brothers could do to get the Harry Potter films an Oscar.

Of particular note is this rumor they uncovered:

A number of top Oscar consultants say they have heard that Warner Bros. is planning a massive campaign in Los Angeles, New York and London next fall for the final film, bringing out for the press and the voters all the characters that have been killed off -a campaign that would essentially remind voters of the scope of the Potter series.

Warner Bros. declined to comment, saying that they do not reveal the details of their Oscar campaigns, especially for a film that’s not yet complete. But, the studio has yet to run any “For Your Consideration” ads for “Deathly Hallows Part 1,” a telling fact considering some films that have yet to open in theaters have already initiated full-fledged awards campaigns.