Fan Art of the Week: ‘The Courtyard’

Today’s submission comes from Amanda, who used oil paints on canvas to construct Harry and Hermione in the courtyard outside Hogwarts. She writes that the piece was made for a painting class in which the assignment was to paint two figures in an outdoor setting. A perfect example of how we fans try (and succeed) at incorporating Potter into every aspect of our lives!

Noah’s Notes: Amanda’s painting does not use complex detail, but is formed expertly from precise and simple strokes instead. Notice how carefully Hermione’s shirt was constructed; it is wrinkled and flat in believable places and even looks like a real shirt! Harry’s shirt seems slightly less real, but the flowing darks and lights show that the sunlight is at his back, gleaming also on the left side of his face. The walls of Hogwarts behind them look like walls, thick and sturdy with a little pink thrown into the blue to give them visual form. As to the pale colors Amanda chose, they seem to compliment the tone of the piece, showing the viewer that this is a very tense moment. Excellent job Amanda!

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