Los Angeles Times: Can Harry Potter ever capture Oscar magic?

Last week, we posted an article from the Los Angeles Times, which wondered whether or not Warner Bros. would push Deathly Hallows for Oscar consideration.

With just one film left, the newspaper has followed up with a story that makes a strong argument for the highest-grossing franchise of all time. Los Angeles Times Television Critic, Mary McNamara writes:

“The academy is notorious for thumbing its nose at the fantasy genre, but six films with no wins is an outrage. Maybe the penultimate ‘Deathly Hallows’ can cast its spell on voters.”

She goes on to say:

“Think about it. Six films and no Oscars. None. Moving staircases, talking pictures, heart-stopping Quidditch games, villains that scare even adults and no Oscars. There have been nominations – for art direction, score and costume – but no wins, which, frankly, is hard to fathom. How could none of these films have won for costume? Screenwriter Steve Kloves, an Oscar nominee for “Wonder Boys,” has adapted all but one of the books, a feat unprecedented in the annals of the Writers Guild, and he’s never been nominated for them. Ditto any of the directors. Or actors.”

What do you think? Should the Potter films finally be recognized by the Academy?