MuggleNet reviews Harry Potter Collector’s Handbook, enter to win a copy

With the holiday’s approaching rapidly and Harry Potter fans everywhere trying to scoop up the latest merchandise hitting shelves from the release of the latest blockbuster, the recently released Harry Potter Collector’s Handbook may be a fantastic gift to add to your list.

I was asked to do a full review of this collector’s guide and I was surprised that it isn’t just a book for the ultimate collector of Potter merchandise; a casual collector and fan of the series will enjoy it as well. This is truly a fantastic book for every fan to own.

Additionally, we are announcing a new contest for U.S. residents: create a unique display of your Harry Potter merchandise (clothes, books, memorabilia, posters, etc.), take a photo (maximum of 3 photos per contestant), write a brief description of the photo and send it to by Wednesday December 15th. The top 5 results for most unique display (not necessarily the largest) will win a signed-copy of the Harry Potter Collector’s Handbook. Good luck to all!