Desplat to begin work on score for “Deathly Hallows – Part 2” ‘very soon’

The Guardian recently interviewed Deathly Hallows composer Alexandre Desplat where he gave a little insight into his work on the final Potter film.

“I finished Part 1, but we will start very soon doing Part 2.”

When asked about putting his imprint on the series:

“Well, it is a lot of responsibility to take over John Williams, Patrick Doyle. It is a long history and these three kids, they’ve been growing up with all of us and they are part of families all around the world. It is a very demanding job. A lot of demand of minutes of music to write. A lot of changes because editing of course evolves and you have to adapt. Big orchestra. And yes, because you know everyone in the world, everybody who goes to the movies will see that movie at some point.”

Thanks to Brandon for the tip!