Fan Focus: Hailey – January 9, 2011

16-year-old Hailey from the United States


First off, how did you become a Harry Potter fan?

When Sorcerer’s Stone came out in theatres in 2001 (I was seven or eight) I went to the theatre with my cousins and aunt to watch the movie. I was convinced that Hogwarts and magic were real after seeing it. Later that night, my cousin and I made “potions”—we basically mixed a bunch of perfumes and stuff together in a bowl, and we ran around with sticks pretending to cast spells at people. The next day I begged my mom to buy me the first book and fell in love with it—the whole world J.K. Rowling created was just amazing. Also, hearing about J.K. Rowling’s past and how she turned her life around was really inspirational and made me love the books even more. And each time I read the books I come across deeper meaning and important life lessons. Harry Potter is timeless.

Imagine a world where you are 10 years old and do not know wizards exist. One day, a letter from Hogwarts comes, just for you. Would your reaction be disbelief, like Harry’s? Or something else?

I would think it was a joke that one of my friends was playing on me. If I kept getting more and more letters, I would actually start believing. It also depends, because some magical children start showing their powers and start controlling them, so if I knew that I was special, and knew I had powers other normal people didn’t, then I would believe the letter and be happy to finally get some answers.

Finally convinced that you’re a wizard and are off to a school you’ve never heard of, to do magic that you didn’t believe was possible, you head to Diagon Alley to get some school supplies, including a pet. You can choose from a toad, a cat, or an owl. Which would you choose and why?

Well, I am really allergic to cats—so that’s out. To be honest, amphibians give me the creeps, so they’re out. By default, I would end up with an owl, but also I think they’re really cool and cute! Owls are the most useful pets to have at Hogwarts anyway, and they give you a link to the world outside of Hogwarts.

There are so many new people to meet on the Hogwarts Express! Which Harry Potter character would you become fast friends with and why?

I’d probably become fast friends with Fred and George Weasley. They love to play pranks (like me)—so you know that’d be a blast. They are super funny and inventive as well. You know that if you’re friends with Fred and George you will always be laughing. Also, they know Hogwarts inside out, so it’d be really cool to learn about the secret passages and stuff like that from them!

You’ve heard so much about a test that you’re going to need to take first thing when you get to Hogwarts! You are terrified until you see that it’s only a hat that sits on your head, and shouts out the house that you’ve been sorted into. What does the hat tell you?

Hat: “Hufflepuff!!!!” Me: “What the heck is a Hufflepuff?” Hat: “Well you have Gryffindors, who are the cool and popular kids. Next, you have Ravenclaws, the nerds, and Slytherins, the dumb jerks. And then there are the Hufflepuffs.” Me: “But what is a Hufflepuff?” Hat: “Beats me.”

You love ALL of your classes at Hogwarts, learning how to make things fly, and to even fly yourself! There’s just one that you really dread going to, and that class is…?

History of Magic! It’s a really boring class with boring topics, and the teacher is a ghost, so that’s just plain weird. But equally dreadful would be Herbology—plants and I do not fare well together.

Congratulations! You made the Quidditch Team for your house, and first-years NEVER make the team! What position are you playing?

Beater! I used to play softball, so I know how to swing a bat around. I wouldn’t want the stress and pressure of playing Keeper, Chasers have a tough job, and Seekers have another tough job. I would be a Beater because I would be good at defending my team (I play defense in soccer), and it just seems natural to want to protect your teammates from getting hurt.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add? Maybe a theory you still believe to be true, a shout-out, praise for yours truly?

I’d just like to thank MuggleNet for being the BEST Harry Potter fansite EVER. You guys rock! And I want to give a shout out to MuggleCast -you guys are seriously awesome, and each time I see a new episode of MuggleCast on my iTunes it makes my day. Hope y’all have a happy and Potter-filled New Year : )