Fan Focus: Aryna – February 20, 2011

17-year-old Aryna from Singapore


First off, how did you become a Harry Potter fan?

First off, I became a Harry Potter fan when I was 9. My mum actually brought home the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone. I was actually quite skeptical to actually read it until I read the synopsis and told myself to give it a try. Anyway, the cover art was quite captivating! I read the book in a day and trust me it was definitely instant love. I liked the way Harry had to grow up outside the magical world & yes, I cried when reading that he was an orphan living with such unbearable aunt & uncle. I think that made him all brave and strong to survive. Then when they introduced Ron into the story, I couldn’t help but feel the way he does- Growing up with older siblings and getting second hands & being overshadowed. Hermione & her brain & wits, I was actually annoyed! But I love her all the same. Snape also played a role in me becoming a Harry Potter fan. I still can remember how much I hate him & felt like killing him so that made me want to read so much more. I am a fan right from the first book because J.K. Rowling showed the warmth & strength of friendships, the homely feeling Hogwarts could give the students, the bravery inside all of us (How Neville stood up to the Trio). I couldn’t wait for my mum to bring home Chamber of Secrets because right then, I knew this adventure in Hogwarts goes a long way. I still can’t believe it’s been a decade but Harry is a phenomenon & because of him I am able to believe in myself and the friends I made. I believe Magic exists & Harry Potter tells me it does.

Welcome back! It’s the first day of your second year at Hogwarts. Upon return to the castle, what’s the thing you look forward to most?

When I’m being welcomed back as a 2nd year, I definitely have so much to look forward to because the previous year was hands down not sufficient. But the one thing I really look forward to would be my new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher. So I’ve been told since I was in my first year that it is a jinxed position and looking back at what happened at the end of last year to my Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, I’m pretty sure I will be having a new one. And I really look forward to it because first impressions matter to me so I will hands down give a profile scan once I see my new teacher. I know it’s pretty quirky and weird but yeah, Defence Against the Dark Arts is my favourite subject and liking the teacher to excel in the class is major important to me. Definitely, I don’t want to see Snape in that position. He scares the holy crumpcakes out of me! It’s just exciting for me to see who survives in the teaching staff and who doesn’t. Obviously, all the teachers in that position doesn’t survive according to stories! Hmm, BUT, yeah it’s a Big BUT! I have also another thing that I look forward to *blushes*, I can’t wait to see Fred Weasley! It’s a major crush I got since my first year !!!

Being a parseltongue is super cool, but if you could communicate with any non-verbal creature or object, it would be…?

I totally agree that being a Parseltongue is super cool !! But if I could communicate to a creature, it would definitely be to a phoenix! The first time I read about it was in Chamber of Secrets and I’ve always thought that whatever Dumbledore owned is undeniably AWESOME! So when he had a Phoenix, I begged my parents so I can have one. I would love to communicate with a Phoenix because I find them amazing creatures. They are loyal and just so beautiful. I like the idea that they are being reborn by their ashes on a “Burning day”. I think that having a Phoenix will be great and I know it will protect me as much as I will protect it. The other reason I want to communicate with a Phoenix is that I find them very loving and if I ever need someone to talk to, it’ll be amazing to have them as a companion.

Dumbledore has given permission to restart Duelling Club, due to the attacks on Muggleborns. Do you join?

Yes, I will definitely join the Duelling club! However, I really rather have Snape conducting it as compared to Lockhart! Hahaha. I think that Duelling club will be helpful to prepare students for the worst, not just on these attacks but also future attacks that can threaten half-bloods too. We can have like boggarts too pretending to harm the students and defensive spells can be taught. Duelling against each other would also be great but nothing from the Unforgivable curses. It’ll be good to have Snape & McGonagall conducting it so that Snape does not go all bias and favour the Slytherins more! Duelling competitions would be good too 😀 Oh man, I love this idea!

Which do you think you’d excel at? Memory Charms like professor Lockhart, clever puzzles and riddles like Hermione, or chess like Ron?

I think I’ll excel best in Memory charms like Prof. Lockhart though I WILL NOT abuse it the way he does! OHMYPOTTER! I can’t excel the way Hermione does in puzzles and Riddles because trust me, I’m rather terrible in riddles & will take ages in figuring out puzzles. I’ll completely put my faith in a friend like Hermione to do all that brainy things while I help out in modifying and bringing memories back. To be amazing like Ron in Chess would totally be an understatement! I’m already always getting trashed in Muggle Wizard, I’ll probably die a thousand times over playing Wizarding Chess! Again, I totally salute Ron for such talent in the game. I’m really not good in chess & the game does drain out my interest rather quickly. It gets boring trying to think about the next move so to me, I’ll be getting like a “TROLL” grade if ever it’s a subject! Then again, you excel in the things you like right? I’ve always been interested in how our memories can be removed, distorted and things like that. It’ll be pretty interesting to actually cast “OBLIVIATE!” to the next person who annoys me! Hahahaha (Oh right, oops, that’s already abusing it!)

Tom Riddle preserved himself in a diary for fifty years, in hopes that one day his true heir would surface. Would you ever do that? Make a Horcrux?

Tom Riddle preserved himself in a diary because when his heir surfaces and he in a way lives, the world remembers him. He wants to be remembered by people that is why he preserves himself in Horcruxes. Also, in a way, he wants to relive fear. He does not want to die. For me, I don’t want a Horcrux & I’m not going to preserve myself in any kind of object because if people remember for the generations after, I must’ve done something so impactful in their lives that they can remember me even if it’s from sheer memory 🙂 Sometimes, the things you do are best be remembered in a way that it lives in the hearts of others and not be seen being relived, the way Lord Voldemort does. Anyway, I really believe in the wisdom of Albus Dumbledore who inspires me beyond measure. Once, he told all of us, “After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” & I think Tom Riddle does not have a well-organized mind then 😉

Do you have anything else you’d like to add? Maybe a theory you still believe to be true, a shout-out, praise for yours truly?

Despite not getting a letter from Hogwarts at 11, I still believe I’m a witch 🙂 I have always believed that Magic exists and Harry Potter tells me it does. It has changed my life in ways that has made me who I am today. Sometimes, in my dreams, I fly on a Hippogriff to visit Albus Dumbledore in his gargoyle-guarded office to enjoy a conversation with some sherbet lemons & acid pops 🙂 Also, I’d like to thank YOU, Kat. You & the rest of the staff in MuggleNet has made this site AMAZING! I really appreciate this. CHEERS TO YOU!