Fan Focus: Paige – February 27, 2011

Age 13, Canada


First off, how did you become a Harry Potter fan?

I became a Harry Potter fan when I was eight. When I was five I watched the first movie with my sister and her friend and was terrified by Fluffy. For two years I hated Harry Potter because of that. I would make fun of my sister for liking Harry Potter, eventually, she sort of stopped liking it once I started. Once I actually read the books I fell in love and ordered the first six books from my school. The wait was horrible! I read the books in about a month and a half and had to know everything I could about Harry Potter. I would go on the computer, read unofficial books from the library and try to get my hands on everything Harry Potter. When I finished Deathly Hallows I had mixed feelings, I was glad that it was such a great story but I was also disappointed that there would be no more stories about the Trio. My Aunt showed me MuggleNet and ever since I’ve wanted to become Fan of the Week! I just wish I was a bit older so I could have had more of the experiences in the beginning.

Welcome back! It’s the first day of your second year at Hogwarts. Upon return to the castle, what’s the thing you look forward to most?

I’d be most excited for classes, that’s why I would have been sorted into Ravenclaw! Transfiguration, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Potions would be my favorite classes. I’d like Transfiguration because that’s a really big part of magic and it would be cool to be able to say, “Hey I can turn an animal into a water goblet!” Also, McGonagall is really nice if your either a Gryffindor or smart, (sorry Hufflepuffs and Slytherins). Charms would also be fun because I could do cool things with really simple spells. As long as I pronounce the spells right I should do alright. And last, and definitely last Potions because of the actual brewing not Snape, even though he’s pretty cool. I probably wouldn’t do very good in this class but at least it would be fun! The one class I would hate would be is Herbology, it’s kind of pointless unless I want to be a Potions Master (which I don’t).

Being a parseltongue is super cool, but if you could communicate with any non-verbal creature or object, it would be…?

Being a parseltongue with books would be really cool. Would that be called literaltongue or something? I wouldn’t have to read, I could be read to by the book. Not that I don’t physically like reading but when I’m really sleepy and I don’t want to hold the book it would come in handy. Or when I’m researching instead of flipping through the whole book to see if it has the topic I want, I could just ask it! Also, it would be cool to know everywhere that book has been, if it’s been taken to different countries or sat in an old dust bookstore for years. I don’t know how it would talk though, English? It that’s the case I hope that I’m the only one that can hear it!

Dumbledore has given permission to restart Dueling Club, due to the attacks on Muggleborns. Do you join?

I would definitely join for two reasons. The first, I’m a Muggleborn and it would be good to learn a little bit more defensive spells to protect myself during those attacks and later in life if there is more conflict. And also it would be a good place to battle some Slytherins legally! Now that Lockhart is gone it will be real work and useful spells. I wouldn’t like Snape to be involved because he would just “not notice” some Hufflepuff being almost killed by a Slytherin! The DADA teacher or McGonagall could run it and give it some updates, example: battle in a different terrain.

Which do you think you’d excel at? Memory Charms like professor Lockhart, clever puzzles and riddles like Hermione, or chess like Ron?

I’d be best at chess, not because I have that good of skill but because I’m no good at the other two! I’m really bad at puzzles and riddles because I don’t have a very good attention span. And the human/wizard mind is delicate and one wrong step could completely mess someone up. I couldn’t work under that pressure and I wouldn’t trust myself with a job that important. I’ll leave the riddles to Hermione and the mind tampering to the experts at St. Mungo’s. Also, I find Wizard Chess cool because the pieces move and kill each other on their own, I don’t have to make stupid battle sounds anymore!

Tom Riddle preserved himself in a diary for fifty years, in hopes that one day his true heir would surface. Would you ever do that? Make a Horcrux?

I hope I’ll be remembered without a Horcrux. But even if I wasn’t I couldn’t bring myself to end someone’s life just to have mine remembered. That person could have done something great for society but we would never know. I’m trying to become more comfortable with death because we can’t control it, and having a Horcrux doesn’t sound like a very good way of accepting death. Plus I don’t want to start looking like Voldemort!

Do you have anything else you’d like to add? Maybe a theory you still believe to be true, a shout-out, praise for yours truly?

I’d just like to thank J.K Rowling of course for writing one of the most important things in my life. Also MuggleNet for being the greatest Harry Potter site because you care! Kat and the FotW Staff for having this competition and picking me! My cousin who is a very good player at Harry Potter Scene It (I still beat her though). My aunt, thanks for showing me MuggleNet, your amazing. And my dad who read the books so I’d have someone to talk to, And last my best friend who I share Harry Potter with. Even when the movies are done I will forever love Harry Potter!