“Potter” production designer Stuart Craig discusses Battle of Hogwarts, King’s Cross and more in new interview

ArtInsights Magazine recently spoke with Potter production designer Stuart Craig. He discusses his career, including his work on the Harry Potter series.

On King’s Cross with Harry and Dumbledore:

“I mean it was quite a protracted process really but we did experiment the sense of it being very burnt out very very kind of white – so we experimented with underlit floors, we experimented with different kind of white covering everything: white paint, white fabric, and the cameraman was involved in how much to expose it, and a series of camera tests were done, so we got there but with a great deal of preparation and research.”

On the Battle of Hogwarts:

“In part two, the great challenge is the destruction of Hogwarts. And you can’t just knock holes in what you’ve got, you have to consider that as a new set – again this all important idea of strong profiles making strong images.

The sun rising behind the smoke and all those considerations but as I say the big, big challenge was the massive remains of destroyed walls, the entrance hall, the entrance of the great hall, part of the roof of the great hall completely gone.”

You can read the full transcript or take a listen right here.

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