Producer David Heyman discusses Epilogue, Prince’s Tale, and more in new interview

With the Potter franchise being honored at the BAFTAs this Sunday, producer David Heyman has been making the rounds with the media.

Heyman recently spoke with Empire Online, where he discussed the past 14 years of working on the series and gave some insight into two important scenes in Part 2.

On King’s Cross (he means the Epilogue not the titled chapter):

“In terms of the King’s Cross scene, I think it does work and it’s very moving. We actually did it once, and then re-did it a little bit because we needed to refine something, and I’m pretty glad we did. It’s a very quiet, moving scene, but I think it leaves the series on the right note.”

On The Prince’s Tale:

“The only flashback really that one thinks about is the Snape flashback, when Harry goes into the Pensieve to see Snape’s story, and that’ll be defined, but it’ll be very moving.”

On Part 2:

“Yeah. I’ve seen a very, very early cut. It’s very exciting. No visual effects, no music, no sound effects, and it’s really exciting. But it’s early days and the film continues to take shape and will continue to take shape over the next many months.”