James and Oliver Phelps seen filming at Universal’s Wizarding World theme park

In an article from the Orlando Sentinel, it was revealed that Harry Potter stars James and Oliver Phelps were spotted in Orlando, FL yesterday at Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. Not only were the actors, who play twins Fred and George Weasley, on site entertaining fans – but they were recording something professionally in front of the Hogwarts castle, and Universal employees would not say what it was. From the Sentinel:

The Phelpses read from a prompter and interacted with fans between takes. Universal team members comically shhhushed squealing passers-by and asked for no flash photography. Later, the brothers used omnioculars as a prop. They smiled sheepishly as they were escorted out of the area through the backstage area near the secondary butterbeer cart.

Careful observers noted that the Phelps twins were not dressed in their character robes, suggesting that the recording could be for a documentary or special features on an upcoming DVD. Thanks to reader Hilary K. for the tip!

Eric S.

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