Tom Felton excited at what Pottermore could possibly be

It’s the hot topic amongst Potter fans this week: What on earth will J.K. Rowling announce this Thursday?  All we know currently is the name (Pottermore).

Actor Tom Felton addressed the question while in Australia:

Rotae: Okay, so, have you heard about Pottermore?

Tom: Pottermore… Is this the new thing that J.K. is announcing next week? I saw this yesterday, this thing online saying J.K.’s going to announce something, and I here I am thinking, “Booyah! Book 8 on the way!” (laughs) But obviously, yeah, no. I don’t know! Someone told me it could be an online socialising thing for Potter-people?Which sounds cool! I think there’s a massive gap in the market for that. Obviously there’s loads of websites that have done that to a certain extent, but to have one that’s like, officially got the stamp of approval from her, would be awesome, I think.

Do you think Tom is on track? Thanks to FeltBeats for the interview.