“Potter” kids take the stage, have a ball at LeakyCon 2011

LeakyCon 2011 had many highlights: Open At The Close, an event inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter just for attendees, early screenings of Deathly Hallows – Part 2, a live LeakyMug with both MuggleCast and PotterCast, as well as tons of wizard rock, and appearances by Evanna Lynch, Chris Rankin, and Scarlett Byrne.

But for some it was the Potter kids that stole the show. One conference-goer had this to say:

“I loved that they so embodied their characters. Not just playing roles, but in a way it really did feel like they walked out of the movie and into the con.”

“Young Snape [Benedict Clarke] was walking around at the ball in a Slytherin tie. Young Sirius [Rohan Gotobed] was wearing a shirt that said ‘I spent time in Azkaban.” Rose [Helena Barlow] kept answering questions very diplomatically, in a very Hermione-like way. I couldn’t get over it. It really felt as though they WERE the characters, not just actors in a film.”

Will Dunn [James Sirius Potter] tweeted:

Absolutely loved the signings, and the Q&As, fans were awesome, Melissa Anelli and everyone else did a great job 🙂

Benedict Clarke added:

The Q&A and HP trivia, running on stage and dancing with the other actors at the ball, the Chinese Fireball rollercoaster 🙂

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