Pottermore Beta Day 1 invites now available (updated)

UPDATE: Registrations for Day 1 are closed!  We’ll let you know when the next batch opens up tomorrow (Monday).  We do not know exactly what time they will open up.

Pottermore unveiled the first beta sign-up clue at just past 4 a.m. ET time.

As announced yesterday, signing up today (or any day this week) does not grant you immediate access to the site. Rather this week is all about making your account and selecting your username.

The clue and instructions can be found on Pottermore.com.  If you’d rather skip figuring out the clue, click here to jump to where you can start the sign-up process.

As of this being written, invites are still available today.  It’s expected that they will run out.  When that happens you’ll have to wait until Monday for the next clue.